LiveSmart 360 Review

With the international kick off of LiveSmart 360 comes the huge roll out of one of the mostspecific and long awaited company launches in recent network marketing history. Based in Sarasota Florida and pre-launched as LockYourSpot 360, LiveSmart 360 has been successful in launching throughout several countries around the world with more than 150,000 enrollees.

Rather impressive stats and clearly the outcome of some very well designed pre-launch viral internet worldwide marketing. This could certainly be a reflection of the leadership that is regarded to be typical to LiveSmart 360 in addition to the high level of infrastructure that was in place in advance of pre-launch with a head office and numerous locations throughout the world. Several ten year companies don't have that in place, nor ever will.

Not just another one product business and not knock off goods that have been done again and again. Their preliminary flagship product line is 360 Mist identified as ZorbMax. It's a tasteless, without color, odor free mist product that's absorbed through your skin. They additionally possess 4 more mists called Relieve, Slim, 2 PM and 2 Ignite. I feel their names pretty much speak for themselves and their technology that is patent pending, works at the cellular levels. Now I haven't tested all of them yet, however I have heard the results have been fairly surprising for people that have.

An additional product or service announcement during roll-out is the series Live Fit 360 created by globally renowned health and fitness guru Mr. USA John DeFendis. It's a whole weight-loss and fitness program which combines revolutionary health supplements, a smart diet along with a fitness regimen that has a track record of pure success and is limited to LiveSmart 360.

LiveSmart 360 Review